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dried blueberries
chocolate coated
gifts & baskets
  • Tasty Treats

    dark chocolate coated blueberries

    Whole Berries (never pureed)
    The majority of blueberry treats available contain pureed blueberry paste – a far cry from the real thing, for taste and for health. Our berries are whole, sourced locally from the abundant growers and producers here in the Fraser Valley. Bursting with flavour and anti-oxidant health benefits.

    High Quality
    Our premium dark chocolate is rich in cocoa, and you can taste the difference. Our blueberries are locally sourced from a choice berry-growing market that is one of the world leaders in blueberry production.

    A Great Combination: Dark Chocolate and Blueberries
    A tasty and tangy combination that’s unique.

    Next time you reach for a treat, consider whether that indulgence could actually be good for you. How about one with lots of anti-oxidants and natural B complex (the mood-booster vitamins)?

    Available in:
    1-oz mini bags (minimum 6 bags)
    2-oz and 5-oz cellophane cones
    2-oz and 4-oz silk-screened pillow boxes
    6-oz decorative mini-crates
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