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dried blueberries
chocolate coated
gifts & baskets
  • About Us

    The Blueblueberry Company is a business rooted in a very strong philosophy of community and mutual support. It is characterized by it’s four Cornerstones:

    quality foods
    – minimally processed
    – locally sourced
    – higher amounts of premium ingredients
    (such as the cocoa in our dark chocolate, and our never-pureed berries)
    minimal packaging
    – eco-friendly
    – more product value in the food itself

    customers’ health
    friendship and community

    Philosophy: To live Positively and in Friendship
    Vision: A Community that supports one another positively and responsibly
    Mission: To provide a Product that encourages Enjoyment and Responsibility – individually and collectively

    – advocate 100 mile diet: eat and buy locally
    – support local grower / producer
    – inform and educate about health & nutrition
    planned support for Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley:
    – donate sales/promotion proceeds
    – provide work initiatives
    member: Fraser Valley Wedding Solutions (consortium of Wedding Services)
    InspireHealth – integrated cancer care: inspirehealth.ca
    Mission Chamber of Commerce